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Tamahl Hazelwood

Associate Director of Programs

Tamahl Hazelwood was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is a proud product of the Milwaukee Public School System. He has work within the community of Milwaukee in various capacities and has a deep passion for the development and progression for the community as a whole.

Tamahl started off as a Paraprofessional at Westside Academy II in 2009 and transitioned into teaching in the winter of 2012. He has taught at almost every grade level in multiple disciplines. While teaching at Milwaukee School of Entrepreneurship Tamahl was able to formulate student critical analysis groups for archival African American Literature ranging from the colonial era (1720’s) through the advent of the civil/human rights movement(s) (1954).

Tamahl is a graduate of James Madison University High School and has bachelor’s degrees in Sociology (concentration in Anthropological studies) and Ethnic Studies- African Diaspora focus.

Tamahl is adamant about education and its effect on the community.  “Scholarship is not restricted to only the classroom. It should permeate all aspects of life and be an essential component in the strive for us to be better individuals and ultimately people as whole.”

Tamahl Hazelwood
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