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Homework Club

Program Overview

Students and volunteer mentors put their heads together over homework assignments and literacy enrichment activities. This daily, one-on-one academic support improves student’s educational outcomes while simultaneously fostering the meaningful, personal relationships with caring adults that are vital to our children’s academic growth and personal well-being.  

Our Next Generation’s inaugural program, Homework Club, was founded when a group of enterprising volunteers recognized a need for additional youth support in their community in the early ‘90s. They began to meet weekly to give students a safe and focused environment to complete their homework assignments and receive academic support. Soon after, they incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit and Our Next Generation was born.

Over the years, volunteers have continued to provide this vital service to the students of our community – not only offering academic support, but also developing stable and meaningful relationships with student that help create the safe and welcoming environment that the youth of our community so desperately need. Although Our Next Generation has evolved over the years to include additional academic and enrichment programs  as the need and capacity arose, Homework Club remains a vital and effective service for our students.

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